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Manage Workforce Compliance for Safer Worksites

Built for reducing risk, workforce compliance allows you to easily verify worker qualifications and streamline inductions and training. The Avetta solution gives you worker-level visibility to ensure contracted workers are certified and trained to safety conduct the work they are asked to perform.

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workforce solutions

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workforce management

The benefits of worker-level verification

Safer Worksites

Effectively manage site-level safety by monitoring who is coming to your worksites. Ensure they are qualified and trained to perform critical job functions.

Reduced Risk

Reduce the risk of costly incidents and citations with visibility into each contracted worker’s qualifications and training.

Faster Induction

Contracted workers are ready to work faster by completing site-specific training before they arrive to the job.

Higher Quality Work

Get the most out of your outsourcing investment by ensuring only the right people are allowed to work at your sites.

A seamless solution that simplifies
attendance and compliance

Qualification Management

Avetta helps ensure contracted workers have the necessary certifications, licenses and training prior to arriving at your worksite

We configure your qualification and training requirements by role and location. Contractors upload licenses and certifications and complete inductions and training to prove compliance before workers arrive onsite.

Learning Management System

Track and manage training, inductions and compliance before workers arrive onsite

Save time by enabling supplier employees to complete site-specific orientation and induction training online before they arrive at the job

Avetta's workforce compliance tools allow you to track lesson completion, build and verify knowledge retention through assessments, record workforce training and certification a manage ongoing professional development. 

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Onsite Management

Track who is on your worksite and when for the safety of your workforce and cost management

See exactly who is onsite in real-time, in case of an emergency.


Create badges to control access to your sites and projects

Easily scan badges from any smart device to control access to your worksites or verify the compliance of workers already onsite.

Compliance Tracking

Manage a worker’s compliance status for a site, role, or requirement

Easily set your qualification and training requirements by role and location. View worker compliance at a glance and get notified of any upcoming expirations that will affect compliance.


Improving Compliance and Worker Management Safety from the Individual Level

worker requirements tracked
active workers
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Manage worker safety and mitigate risk

Workforce compliance ensures the competency and safety of workers accessing a client's sites and projects. Our solution verifies worker qualifications, keeps track of compliance, and ensures all contracted workers meet client's requirements for their role, site and project. 

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