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Avetta has launched Subcontractor Management Solution ! Click here

Everything you need
to create a strong sustainable supply chain

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Increased Efficiency

The cloud-based platform delivers the information you need while reducing redundant processes for your suppliers.


Reduced Burden

Clients that use Avetta reduce the cost of administrative expenses by 75% annually.


Greater Visibility

Avetta’s centralized platform gives you an instant look into your suppliers’ compliance levels.


Better Decisions

Accurate and current supplier data help guide your organization’s business decisions and proactively mitigate risk.

Bring All Your Suppliers within a Single Network


Intelligently classify all the suppliers based on the type of services they provide:

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Streamlined onboarding & configuration

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Centralised sourcing & communication hub

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Swift compliance adherence

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Unmatched Accuracy & Flexibility

Supplier Prequalification

Gain Complete Visibility of Your Extended Enterprise With Avetta’s Subcontractor Management Solution

With Avetta’s Subcontractor Management solution you can gain complete visibility into your connected suppliers’ subcontractors. The solution allows clients to view a supplier’s subcontractors’ compliance status and manage their compliance status through variances. Suppliers can search for and add subcontractors to their network in the Avetta Connect™ platform to source them for their clients’ jobs. Suppliers who have subcontractors connected to them in the Connect platform are referred to as “Prime Contractors” to indicate that they manage subcontractors versus those suppliers that do not.

Take the work out of qualifying your workforce

A configurable prequalification process

to match your unique supply chain

More than 18,000 prequalification questions to help customize your compliance

Business Continuity Protocols
Safety Standards
Environmental Policies
And Many More

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain?

Get the free risk assessment from Avetta

Solutions that support your
company’s goals and missions

Collection & Verification

Verifying your supplier compliance is essential but it doesn’t have to be a burden on you

Eliminate the documentation headaches that accompany third-party workers

Let Avetta’s safety and sustainability experts do the heavy lifting of collecting and verifying documentation so you can direct resources toward growing your business.


Your supply chain is one of a kind, so should be your prequalification process

Flexible and configurable to meet your specific needs

It allows you to define your own compliance criteria and quickly see which suppliers are qualified, which are not, and why. Different criteria can be set for each site and type of work.

Source of Truth

Avetta’s contractor management solution provides a single source of truth for all individuals

Empower your entire organization to make better procurement decisions

Risk management, contractor management, health & safety, operations, and procurement departments can use a single system with access to the same supplier prequalification information.

Source of Truth
Supplier Guidance

We’re not in the business of disqualifying your preferred vendors

A supportive network that helps your suppliers meet and beat your compliance requirements

Our safety and sustainability experts guide your suppliers to close any identified gaps, giving you a stronger, more aligned supply chain.

Supplier Guidance

Case Study


Through Supplier Prequalification, SBA can now confidently verify contractor safety compliance and insurance, giving them significantly improved visibility of contractor accountability

In addition to saving SBA approximately US$100,000 in employee costs, the solution helps the safety team improve efficiency and be proactive about changing safety measures.


Avetta definitely saves us time and money in terms of sourcing great suppliers. We were looking for a rigging contractor, so I went on the Avetta site and found somebody that was local. They were already green flagged, so we hired them and we continue to use them to this day."

Nick Wilkerson, Safety Director, SBA Communications
Communications Tower

As a critical component of the Avetta One Platform, our supplier prequalification solution covers multiple risk scenarios that your company may face.
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