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Avetta Connect™ The platform behind safer and more viable supply chains across the globe

Avetta is a network of Clients and Suppliers, a service that manages and reduces supply chain risk and a platform where it all comes together

Explore the Platform that does it all

Access Your Network

All your Clients and Suppliers accessible in one place anytime, anywhere

On Avetta Connect™, you’ll find everyone you work with, and everyone who works with you. And when you need to search for a new potential partner, you can do that too.

Connect Invision
Track Compliance

Gather safety, sustainability, financial, insurance and other business-critical information in one place anytime, anywhere

We help Suppliers assemble and submit compliance information. Both Supplier and Client can easily see how the Supplier is tracking against the compliance criteria set by the Client.

Worker Management
Monitor Performance

Real-time, regularly updated data ensures there are no surprises

The visibility and transparency offered by Avetta means that everyone can always find out where they stand. Suppliers can even be discovered by other hiring clients – creating more opportunities to do good work.

monitor performance
Workforce Management

Manage your sites down to the individual worker through Avetta Connect™

Avetta allows Clients and Suppliers to track individual workers’ qualifications, training and site access privileges through the platform.

Worker Management
Analytics + Reporting

View and manage supply chain data with unprecedented flexibility

Our advanced, configurable analytics platform comes with best-practices reports built in, and gives you the freedom to build out visualizations, dashboards, and automated reports.

Insurance Monitoring

Access the Avetta Network and make your next connection


It's easy to search over 125,000+ vetted Suppliers and Contractors

Search Suppliers by specialty, location, or both, and get a list of results.


Narrow down your Supplier search with rich information

Read reviews and check existing specialties and qualification to tailor your search further.


Avetta Suppliers are on the inside track for new work

Because they're already part of the network, hiring Avetta Suppliers is easy.


Compliance made straightforward, tailored, and clear


Set completely customized compliance criteria

With Avetta Connect™, you’re never working from a cookie-cutter compliance template. Clients decide what criteria matter and how much they matter.


Instantly see who's compliant and who's not

Suppliers appear in green, yellow or red, depending on compliance status, with any issues clearly identified.


Evaluate your entire supply chain

The interface and our powerful analytics tools help you step back and look at the big picture.


Training when you need it Help when you want it

Free, customized training for Clients and onboarding support for Suppliers are part of every implementation. Plus, our Help Center is available 24/7.

Case Study


SBA Communications gets proactive with contractor safety and insurance

With almost 30,000 cell towers globally, many in remote locations, SBA Communications subcontracts repair and upgrade services to a network of almost 2,500 independent contractors. Given the potentially dangerous working environments at the cell tower sites, SBA wanted to make sure its contractors were compliant with government safety regulations and insurance requirements.


In addition to saving SBA approximately US$100,000 in employee costs, the Avetta solution helps the safety team improve efficiency and be proactive about changing safety measures.


Before working with Avetta, contractor audits or legal issues were time-consuming and often delayed work in the field. Now, when we have issues with contractor safety information, we can be much more proactive. Since we started working with Avetta, we have a much greater comfort level with our contractors. The Avetta solution is a powerful tool; and, as a leader in our industry, we can use it to make the industry safer.

Nick Wilkerson, Safety Director, SBA Communications
Telecommunications Tower

Track performance in-depth across the supply chain

Transparency down to the individual worker


Rassaun Welder
Rassaun Services Logo
The largest factor in choosing Avetta for our supplier safety program was how easy the platform is to use. It simplifies our relationship with suppliers and gives us greater tracking ability, all in one platform."
Jason Topp, Health and Safety Coordinator, Rassaun Services Inc.
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