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Health & Safety for Global Supply Chains

Avetta empowers you to create a safe operating environment for all your employees
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Increased exposure to safety risks, mismanagement of the contractor ecosystem, non-compliance with safety regulations, and lack of proper safety controls - all these factors and more can lead to loss of lives, time, productivity, and trust in businesses.

Besides having a devastating impact on the victim’s family and the community, a workplace injury or fatality can have severe implications for your company as well. Besides medical reimbursements or legal sanctions, a company may also risk losing its employees and most importantly brand reputation.

Health and safety risks don’t just impact lives, they can also impact a company’s bottomline

Direct financial costs of workplace injuries exceed $170 billion annually.
Private industry employers reported 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2020
Direct costs of even one workplace safety incident on average is a minimum of $40,000 – but this is just the tip of a very expensive iceberg, as one must also consider the indirect costs.
Safety costs range from $47,000 per accident to $1.2 million per fatality according to the National Safety Council (NSC).

Avetta One

An end-to-end solution to promote health and safety across supply chain networks

Avetta One is the industry’s largest Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platform which comes embedded with industry leading supplier evaluation capabilities that helps companies manage and mitigate several risk types including health and safety.

The Proof is in the Numbers

General stats
improvement per year
on safety measures for suppliers after they join
fatality rates
Global results
Total Recordable Injury Frequency
Lost Time Frequency Rate
European Union
Accident Frequency Rate
Total Recordable Incident Rate
Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate

Our Approach

Verification Services and Assessments

Verify whether supplier safety standards and policies are up to date:

Avetta conducts regular audits to ensure that supplier safety standards, policies, and documentation are updated regularly.

Make sure worker safety is not maintained just on paper:

With implementation audits, we compare established policies and procedures against accident investigation forms, inspection, and training logs to check that proper controls are implemented.

Assess the safety situation on-site:

Avetta’s experienced auditors inspect sites while suppliers are on the job to understand whether proper safety controls are implemented on-site.

Workforce Management

Ensure only qualified workers arrive on-site:

Avetta defines, collects, and verifies the competencies of workers arriving on site.

Enhance workforce awareness around health and safety:

By leveraging our platform, clients can create and deliver interactive training and inductions online or manage classroom (face-to-face) sessions.

Control access of workers entering on-site:

Avetta’s Access Management technology gives you visibility over who is on your work sites at any time.


Manage Risk for Any Supplier

Built with complex supply chains in mind, Avetta organizes and keeps all of your supplier documentation up to date, accurate and available at any time.

Manage your supplier relationships, evaluate compliance status and ensure worker safety, all in one application.


Why Avetta?

The Avetta SaaS platform helps clients manage supply chain risk, and their suppliers, to become more qualified for jobs. For the hiring clients in our network, we offer the world’s largest supply chain risk management network to manage supplier safety, sustainability, worker competency and performance. We perform contractor prequalification and worker competency management across major industries, all over the globe, including construction, energy, facilities, high tech, manufacturing, mining and telecom.
For suppliers in our network, our audit and verification services help lower their safety incidents rate by 29%. As a result, about 50% of members find additional job opportunities within the first year of joining. In addition, our suppliers receive privileged access to the Avetta Marketplace, where dozens of partners offer special discounts for business services like insurance and work gear. Avetta serves more than 500 enterprise companies and over 125,000 suppliers across 120+ countries.

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