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November 14
9:00 am – 10:00 am MST
Avetta Event
The ESG Bermuda Triangle: Navigating a New Era of Compliance
Come and be part of an exclusive webinar with three leading experts in the field of sustainability. We're excited to introduce you to David Correll, a respected Research Scientist from MIT, Katie Martin, the Principal of Sustainability and ESG at Avetta, and Taylor Allis, Avetta's Chief Product Officer. They will be revealing groundbreaking research that's set to revolutionize sustainability in the supply chain.

In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges and heightened environmental consciousness, the role of sustainability in supply chains has never been more critical. This webinar promises to be a pivotal moment for industry leaders, sustainability practitioners, and anyone passionate about fostering a more sustainable future.

The webinar will commence with a Q&A session--get ready to engage directly with our expert speakers! See you there.

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