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Upholding Responsible Supply Chain Practices

Avetta One Empowers you to Achieve your Supply Chain Sustainability, ESG, Diversity and Inclusion Goals
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Increased demand from investors and shareholders for greater corporate disclosure and confirmation of regulatory performance has increased the level of attention on how organizations demonstrate their commitment towards Sustainability & ESG, Diversity and Inclusion. The growth in demand for business and supply chain transparency, positive societal changes, and a reduction in their environmental impact is being driven by legislation and consumer pressure.

Under such circumstances, the absence of proper ESG controls and the lack of a proper method to collate and track diversity information could lead to a prevalence of processes with negative externalities, in turn, giving rise to issues such as unethical work practices, forced labor, corruption, slavery, climate crisis, etc.

The Global Push Towards Sustainability, ESG, Diversity and Inclusion – Why Does it Matter?

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Avetta One

An End-to-End Solution for Sustainability, ESG and Diversity Risk Mitigation

At Avetta, we understand that every supply chain is unique that comes with a diverse range of risk factors. This makes creating a holistic compliance framework a necessity for businesses. This is where Avetta One provides answers.
  Avetta One is the industry’s largest Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platform which comes embedded with industry-leading capabilities to help companies manage and mitigate risks across areas spanning health and safety, workforce management, sustainability & ESG, diversity & inclusion, liability, financial viability, and cybersecurity.

Sustainability & ESG Risk Mitigation

Get a holistic supply chain view to manage ESG and sustainability risks and perform diligence check across all supplier tiers.

Diversity & Inclusion Risk Mitigation

The platform includes 25 diversity filters, that can be used to locate and connect with suppliers committed towards diversity and inclusion.


Manage Risk for Any Supplier

Built with complex supply chains in mind, Avetta organizes and keeps all of your supplier documentation up to date, accurate, and available at any time.

Manage your supplier relationships, evaluate compliance status and ensure worker safety, all in one application.


Why Avetta?

The Avetta SaaS platform helps clients manage supply chain risk, and their suppliers, to become more qualified for jobs. For the hiring clients in our network, we offer the world’s largest supply chain risk management network to manage supplier safety, sustainability, worker competency and performance. We perform contractor prequalification and worker competency management across major industries, all over the globe, including construction, energy, facilities, high tech, manufacturing, mining and telecom.
For suppliers in our network, our audit and verification services help lower their safety incidents rate by 29%. As a result, about 50% of members find additional job opportunities within the first year of joining. In addition, our suppliers receive privileged access to the Avetta Marketplace, where dozens of partners offer special discounts for business services like insurance and work gear. Avetta serves more than 500 enterprise companies and over 125,000 suppliers across 120+ countries.

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