Buyer & Seller Services


There are no “selling” tactics, hidden agenda, or undisclosed facts about any of our transactions so it’s easy to list out the services we offer to each – buyer and seller

Your business world as a dentist is much more interconnected that you know it, and ours is fully dependent upon each of you.

Our Services Include:

Appraisals – whether for marital dissolutions, practice financing, or simply to assess the value of your own or another’s practice, this process can be as simple and inexpensive as an opinion letter, to much more complicated if needed for court purposes.


Practice Sale – as the leader in the practice sales industry, often we set the pricing trends that lenders and other brokers alike follow.  There is no hidden component, we seek to secure the highest price for the practice, mindful that the buyer may have patient attrition, that the selling price must “cash flow”, that industry standards are set by lenders.

Securing Financing – nearly every transaction we have done over the past 30 years has required a loan!  Simply put, our firm can get loans that individual buyers/borrowers cannot get for themselves.  Why?  Because we do millions of dollars in loans every year; because lenders love our packaging, because lenders rely on our practice valuation, because lenders have the loan history of every borrower we have presented – and the results are astounding!  So, if you need a loan for the practice of your dreams, don’t risk getting turned down because it’s the end of the quarter and the lender is fully committed.  Get professional help.


Expert Negotiations – simply put we deal in money every day.  Our task is to make things simple for each party so that everyone understands what’s at stake, things are put into proper context, options are presented and successful results had.


Lease Negotiations – successful lease negotiations are had from the onset; when the parties are made aware that they are not in control and expectations are tempered.  Also, that many times, the wording of the lease and its terms is equally, if not more important, than the small difference in rates being discussed.  Do not negotiate your own lease – too many provisions, too many terms, too many loopholes, too much at stake!


Reliability you can trust – proven results you can count on !

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