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Sustainability & ESG For Global Supply Chains

Avetta empowers you to turn sustainability goals into supply chain action.

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An ESG transparency and management solution tailored for your needs

Guided ESG compliance

We help clients and suppliers navigate new processes to assess Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) maturity, track progress and take guided actions to grow scores and sustainability impact.

Flexible solution

Our pioneering Sustainability & ESG service enables dynamic assessments tailored to supplier-specific ESG needs and targets selected from a broad spectrum of universal standards.

Responsible sourcing

We offer the ability to easily discover sustainable and diverse suppliers from the largest network and identify those who are also qualified for your specific needs.

Single platform efficiency

We enable centralized management of all supply chain compliance: Sustainability, Safety, Liability, Financial, Cyber and beyond.




Avetta helps organizations determine which suppliers align with which ESG requirements.


All applicable suppliers are guided through the registration process and evaluation completion, based on their maturity levels.


Each supplier receives an ESG Index score benchmarked against a code of conduct and multiple standards.


We collaborate with suppliers to remediate gaps, as well as optimize resource allocation, enable stakeholder awareness and source new suppliers from the network.

The Capabilities

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Evaluations developed by experienced sustainability experts based on extensive research, global standards, code of conduct and industry-recognized methodologies.

  • ESG Index calculated to track maturity across your supply chain and to specific industry standards
  • Global network to easily discover and connect with sustainable and diverse suppliers
  • Real-time analytics on critical topics


Centralized risk-management hub for the entire supply chain

With Avetta, you can get a holistic view of the supply chain to manage risks and perform diligence across direct and indirect suppliers, ranging across sustainability, safety, workforce, financial, liability and cybersecurity risks.

Automated and standardized evaluation

Easily qualify suppliers through auto-scored ESG evaluations based on a broad spectrum of universal standards such as International Sustainability Standards, Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainable Development Goals.

Tailored and dynamic evaluation for all supplier types

Evaluations are dynamic based on supplier classification and specific client requirements.

Evaluate and improve ESG maturity

Track your suppliers’ progress over time using incremental evaluations and take suggested actions to grow your suppliers’ ESG Index scores and sustainability programs.

Make data-driven decisions

Leverage detailed analytics to target areas of concern, highlight achievements, and facilitate better corporate reporting and ongoing development of Sustainability & ESG performance.

Third-Party Integrations

Avetta has signed a member benefits agreement with Sustain.Life, a young sustainability software company focused on SMBs to offer suppliers free or discounted access to more than 100 step-by-step guides for improving sustainability at all levels of business operations. Sustain.Life enables businesses to easily implement ambitious sustainability strategies aligned with leading certification and reporting standards. With Sustain.Life, suppliers can gain access to the following tools today:

Emission calculators to help suppliers quickly assess their carbon footprint for client reporting

Predefined action plans that suppliers can implement to swiftly improve their sustainability performance—no matter their level of experience

Standards alignment tools to provide reporting frameworks and certifications

Policy builder tool that equips companies with best-practice policy language to help them create customized sustainability policies

Carbon offset offerings that compensate for users’ emissions output by funding CO2 emissions reduction projects elsewhere. Projects range from nature-based solutions like afforestation and soil restoration to technological solutions like underground carbon


For Suppliers

Avetta helps you learn and manage new processes so you can meet your clients' ESG requirements.

Avetta’s Sustainability & ESG solution gives suppliers the tools you need to address evolving sustainability requirements, and access to the Avetta client network. These two powerful benefits allow you to forge a path to compliance and demonstrate your value and diversity to customers.

  • Guided ESG Compliance. We provide resources on the latest Sustainability & ESG practices and requirements and assist with new processes, so you can understand the benefits of certification, and can quickly get up to speed and activated on the platform.

  • Visibility to Client Network. Sustainable and diverse suppliers are promoted on the Avetta platform so that ESG-focused clients can easily source qualified suppliers that meet their needs.

  • Single, Simple Platform. We enable centralized management of all supply chain compliance, so you can minimize time spent on administrative tasks and maximize time working on site.

Manage your supplier relationships, evaluate compliance status and ensure worker safety, all in one application.

Discover how other organizations are navigating the rapidly changing governance and ESG-related pressures in the supply chain.

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