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Avetta Awarded with a 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Safety Suppliers

By Avetta Marketing
September 21, 2023
4 minutes

In the critical world of workplace safety and contractor management, industry excellence and innovation are celebrated. That’s why we are delighted to share that Avetta has been recognized by Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine’s 2023 Reader's Choice Award as a top solution in the "Contractor Management Solution" category. This outstanding achievement is a testament to Avetta's commitment to elevating safety standards and revolutionizing contractor management for businesses across various industries.

Significance and Methodology of the Reader's Choice Award

The Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine's Reader's Choice Award is a prestigious recognition that reflects the opinions and preferences of professionals and experts in the field of occupational safety. It serves as an indicator of industry trends and which companies are making the most significant impact.

According to Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine,

“The survey for the Canadian Occupational Safety’s eighth annual Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 took place between April 3 and 28, 2023. The COS team compiled for nomination an impressive list of vendors and suppliers to the OHS community from across the country, based on the team’s knowledge and additional research within each area.

Readers were invited to cast their ballots in an online survey, and responses were completely confidential. Research participants were asked to rate products and services available to the OHS profession across a number of categories, including consultants, emergency management, ergonomics, facility safety, and more. The top three nominees who received the most overall votes were awarded the Readers’ Choice designation.”

Why Avetta Stands Out

Comprehensive Contractor Management: Avetta's comprehensive platform offers businesses the tools they need to assess, qualify, and manage their contractors effectively. We proudly streamline the entire process, from contractor onboarding to performance monitoring and compliance management, to help businesses enhance their safety and sustainability efforts.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Avetta leverages the power of modern technology, including artificial intelligence and data analytics, to supply real-time insights into contractor performance. This enables businesses to find potential risks and proactively address them, ensuring a safer work environment for everyone.

Global Reach: With a global presence, Avetta offers an extensive network of suppliers and contractors which ensure that businesses can find the right partners no matter where they work.

Commitment to Sustainability: Safety and sustainability go hand in hand, and Avetta is committed to both. By helping companies choose environmentally responsible contractors and suppliers, Avetta contributes to a safer and more sustainable future for businesses worldwide.

What’s Next for Avetta?

Avetta's 2023 Reader's Choice Award by Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine is an exciting honor that highlights our commitment to safety and innovation. With cutting-edge technology, global reach, and dedication to sustainability, Avetta plans to continue empowering businesses to manage contractors effectively, reduce risks, and create safer workplaces.

As we look toward the future, Avetta's hopes to continue setting new standards for excellence and safety in the workplace. Congratulations to all the winners on this remarkable achievement, and here's to a future filled with great advancements in safety and contractor management.

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