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A collaborative approach to audits that benefits Clients and Suppliers alike


Objective Assessment

Get an unbiased view from an independent team of over 55 certified safety and sustainability auditors from across the globe.


Clearer Visibility

Uncover leading indicators of risk and get a clearer picture of potential supply chain disruptions.  


Higher Performance

Suppliers get recommendations direct from Avetta experts, helping them stay safe and sustainable.


Increased Confidence

Clients can deepen trust in Supplier performance by verifying it, ensuring their standards are upheld.

Build Leading Indicators into Supplier Compliance

Supply chain audits that are anything but routine

Safety Manual Audits

Verify that Supplier safety policies are up to par


Avetta reviews Supplier safety policies and procedures in depth.

Our findings identify what policies are in place, where they’re documented, and where there are gaps to address.    

Safety Manual
Audits Completed
Implementation Audits

Ensure worker safety isn’t just protected on paper


The right policies are critical – but are your Suppliers following through?

We compare policies and procedures against inspection logs, accident investigation forms, training logs, and more to confirm proper implementation.

in Fatality Rates
in Days Away from Work
Field Audits

Get a closer look at the reality on the ground


Our experienced team of professional auditors inspects your sites while suppliers are on the job. Auditors examine the way the work is really being carried out – providing detailed reporting and photographic evidence.

Field Audits
Sustainability Audits

Ensure Suppliers are sustainable – environmentally and financially


Our sustainability experts can review your Suppliers’ ability to implement environmental and social sustainability standards.

In addition, our partnership with Experian enables us to take a deep dive into your Suppliers’ financial risk.

Certified HSE Auditors

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain?

Get the free risk assessment from Avetta

Why Supplier Benefits are Important

Client Reports

Performance you can see. Recommendations you can use.

At the end of an Assessment Services audit, we deliver a comprehensive report – complete with site photographs, if we have completed a field audit.

A simple scoring system gives you at-a-glance visibility into the results – backed by a full assessment of strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Supplier Assistance

The chance to learn from seasoned professionals

For Suppliers, an audit comes with detailed analysis of where gaps exist and recommendations on how to address them.

Plus, Suppliers get guidance on best practices, and sample policies and procedures that can help them implement improvements.


Avetta Connect™ & Assessment Services. A powerful combination.


A supplementary service, Assessment Services gives Clients visibility into leading indicators of risk – building on the insights into past performance delivered by Avetta Connect™.

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Case Study

Rassaun Services Inc. Endorses Avetta as both a Client and Supplier

Rassaun Services Inc. is a specialist contracting enterprise with more than 50 years of rich history in the area of custom fabrication, industrial mechanical, and industrial electrical services. Over the years, the company has demonstrated safety best practices for many of its clients, helping them build and maintain efficient, safe, and secure worksites.


The largest factor in choosing Avetta for our supplier safety program was how easy the platform is to use. It simplifies our relationship with suppliers and gives us greater tracking ability, all in one platform.

Jason Topp, Health and Safety Coordinator, Rassaun Services Inc.
Case Study
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